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My writing experience has been very varied and I’ve been lucky enough to have interviewed some very interesting people. Executive chefs who have cooked for royalty all over the world; hotel owners who were passionate about creating the perfect ‘home away from home’ experience; spa managers who insisted on me making use of their 3-hour long hot stone massage treatment before I start writing my article (hey, writing has its benefits!); people who have lived all over the world; people who have started with nothing and worked their way up; an interesting man who loves handling snakes and scorpions; a warm indian man passionate about cooking and philosophy; an Italian photographer who is a consultant for Canon and tests their new lenses; ahh… there are just far too many to mention.

This all, of course, means I’ve had the opportunity  to write about a wide range of things and work for a large number of different clients.

While I work mainly as a freelance writer now (and keep this blog updated), I worked for over a year as a feature writer for Koh Samui’s premier publishing company, Siam Map Company. They produce many publications on the island such as ‘Siam Wining and Dining‘ and ‘Samui Holiday Magazine‘ which are available in print and online.
I was also a columnist for a southern Thailand newspaper (The Southern Times).

In rough order, here is a list of my published writing:

Paws for thought –, March 2014

Helmets are not a fashion accessory –, Feb 2014

Lucky Day Colours –, Jan 2014

I wrote over 120 article for Siam Map company from April 2013 to May 2014.

Teaching English 101 – Published by To & From Mag, Nov/Dec 2012

Sharing my experience of a TEFL course – Published by Samui TEFL, October 2012

My blog post about Fitz’s Root Beer was featured on the home page of their website for nearly 6 months. Here is the link to my blog post. October 2012.

Quit your job, travel the world, but don’t go broke – Published by To & From Magazine Sept/Oct 2012

Lazy Days on Daytona Beach – Published by Flight Centre UK 3 Sept 2012

Chicago Food Planet Food Tour – Published by Ezine 6 August 2012

10 Days in Ireland – Published by Discover Ireland and displayed on their website for over a year. 23 July 2012

10 Tips for surviving long bus journeys – Published by Smarter Travel 20 June 2012

Foul Food in France – Published by Pink Pangea 14 June 2012

10 Weird and Wonderful Foods to try on your travels – Published on Cheapflights UK Blog 24 May 2012

10 Weird and Wonderful Foods to try on your travels – Published on Cheapflights US Blog 24 May 2012

The Smallest Desert in the World – Published by Pink Pangea April 2012

Living with Crime in South Africa – Published by Pink Pangea March 2012

Banana Land – Published by Travel Write February 2012

Exploring the Home of the Zulu Nation – Published by Pink Pangea February 2012

Love at First Sight – Published by South Coast Style February 2012

A review of the South Coast – Published by South Coast Style January 2012

Living the South African Life – Published by Pink Pangea December 2011

Monster Vans, mussels and monasteries – Published by Pink Pangea November 2011

Wales’ Waterfalls and Mountains on a Budget – Published by Pink Pangea October 2011

The Joy of working hard and seeing results – Published by Pink Pangea October 2011

Quitting my job for something sweeter – Published by Pink Pangea September 2011

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How it all began…
My writing started 2001 when I won a competition held by the “National Shark’s Trust” in UK. My winning article was entitled, ‘The day I fell in love with sharks’. Don’t laugh, I did and I still am.
Growing up, I had never been any good at writing. That ability, I always believed, lay with my Dad. He had a beautiful command of the English language, could write poetry at the drop of a hat and was able to correct grammar as if it was second nature.
In February 2011, I started a personal blog and this prompted me to write regularly and after a few weeks, I realised I actually enjoyed it. I saw a position for a ‘Foreign Correspondent’ advertised for a travel website. Although I had no writing experience I applied and with a carefully drafted CV and loads of enthusiasm, I was accepted and started writing less than 2 months later. I haven’t looked back since.
I also love taking photos. I don’t have a particular theme or anything although my photos of food seem to be on the increase. The photos on this website show what I have seen on my travels. Click on “Photo Gallery” to see some shots from my travels or go to “Foods from around the World” to see what I have been nibbling on.

Writing and photography go hand in hand and I am seldom without my camera and notebook. Photos capture memories and feelings, and words cement them together. I love writing and I love photography and what better way to go through life than doing something you love.

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