Taking Advice and living your own life

Hi everyone
Yay, Friday tomorrow!  Hope you have all had a good week :-)
I had dinner with a very good friend last night and he was telling me about meeting with his family recently and how they were always telling him how he needed to live his life so he told them, “If I took your advice, I would be living your life!”.  This statement really got me thinking…  Why do people offer advice?  Or rather, why do people offer advice when it is not asked for?  Have you heard statements such as, “You shouldn’t do something like that, you should rather do this!” or “Oh don’t say that, you should say this!” etc etc.  I completely understand that mostly people offer advice because they think they are helping or because they care about you and want to offer their knowledge and experience to hopefully make your life and experience easier but I think there is a boundary which is often crossed.  There was a lot of truth in my friend’s statement – if he always took his family’s life, he would be living a life like theirs which might not exactly be what he wants.  I guess, advice is given freely on the basis that the recipient can take it or leave it and both sides need to respect the fact that it might not be taken or followed up on.  If both parties understand and respect each other then this goes unsaid, but for the overly-enthusiastic advice-givers, maybe this needs to be voiced.  My mum and I have a kind of silent agreement…when I say “Ja Ma…!”, then she knows I have heard her advice but probably won’t take it, we have a giggle about it and then it is forgotten.  Basically I think you can listen to everyone’s advice and then take away what will help you in that situation and the rest you can ignore and go away and live your life how you want to live it.

Anyway, enough ranting…

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend for a change.  I have nothing planned and I am going to sleep late and go for a ride on my bike since the weather looks like it will be roughly 22C all weekend.  Wow, summer is really here.
Before I end off, here is a quick question for you – no googling…  How many UNESCO world heritage sites are there?
Enjoy the rest of your evening, night night.
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