Cycling Durban’s beachfront path

Wow, as I am writing this, I have to be careful what I am leaning against as I managed to get a BIT sunburnt yesterday. My poor back hasn’t seen sun like that in a while but….I loved it. Yesterday …

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Zinkwazi Beach and craft fairs

I spent 2 lovely days in Zinkwazi last week. This small town hides on the north coast of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Even though it is really small, it has a charm that made me wish I could come back …

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Enjoying dry raw meat in South Africa

If you’ve not heard of it, one of the main South African specialties is a dried raw meat called Biltong. Before I even start, it is NOTHING at all like the American jerky. Nothing!!! Biltong is made from medium cuts …

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Conquering the World’s highest gorge swing, pt 2

So as promised here is a little more about the incredibly scary gorge swing, I did last Thursday. I was really excited about doing it. I’ve done 100m+ abseils and swam with sharks – I was ready for a little …

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Conquering the world’s highest gorge swing

More to come very soon

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