Virginia, Various

I visited so many places in Virginia (and in fact dipped down into North Carolina) that I decided to group them all together in this album section.
I visited Tangier Island which is a little isolated fishing island where the islanders speak their own language.  The men are fishermen and the women escort tourists around the small island in little golf carts.  Seafood is very cheap and popular to eat on the island and I tried my first ever ‘soft shell crab’ which was delicious.
I also visited Chincoteague which is close to Assateague. There is a herb of wild ponies which were stranded MANY years ago from a portuguese ship.  They have lived here ever since and can be seen frolicking in the waves and running on the beaches.  Sadly, we only saw them at a distance.
Kitty Hawk is the site of the Wright brothers first ever unassisted flight (well, four of them to be exact).  There is a replica of the airplane they used in a museum building.  The original is in the ‘Air and Space Museum’ in Washington DC.
Roanoke is the site of the lost colony.  A tragic story of English settlers who disappeared while their leader returned to English to fetch support and fresh supplies.
Colonial Williamsburg is a town which seems to be stuck in time and everything is still as it was in its colonial days.  George Washington can be seen around town on his horse and regular live re-enactments of troop rallying complete with music and canon firing can be viewed.
Jamestown is a museum that has been built on the spot of the very first settlers in America.  They arrived in 3 ships in 1607 and created a settlement there.  Today you can speak to people from those times and learn about their lives.

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