Toronto and Niagara Falls

Here is a collection of photos from a trip to Ontario in Canada. It was my first time in Canada so I was chuffed to add a new country to my list. Toronto is a wonderful city filled with friendly people. The architecture is a mixture of both old and new and very often you will find an old church hiding in the shadows of a huge modern skyscraper or a little wooden house in between two huge banks.

The CN tower offers stunning views and on a clear day you can not only see America but also Niagra Falls.

There are numerous restaurants offering everything from Ethiopian food to Asian cuisine.

Wifi is readily available.

Public transport is great with street cars (trams), buses and trains running regularly. Taxis are also an option.

The waterfront walk along the harbour front is lovely and you can catch little ferries out to a small island with a small fun fair, walking and bicycle trails and picnic areas.

Niagara Falls was absolutely incredible. The power and volume of water thundering over those waterfalls is a must-see.

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