I lived in Germany for nearly 3 years.  The people are warm, friendly and very organised.  Where else can you get a full refund on your train ticket when it’s more than 10 minutes late?
I lived in Frankfurt but was lucky enough to travel around and see some other cities.

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Lying 60km west of Frankfurt, Wiesbaden is a wonderful modern city with a cathedral, a casino, shopping areas, parks and many cafes and restaurants.
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An hour’s train journey away from Frankfurt will find you in the quaint town of Wuerzburg with its fortress on the hill, a cathedral and medieval market square.  Everything in the old-town is within easy walking distance.
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The beautiful city of Heidelberg lies alongside a river with its castle standing guard on the hill.  Churches, the cathedral, market squares and restaurants serving locally made wine are all great spots to visit.
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An hour’s flight from Frankfurt, puts you in the remarkable town of Dresden.  Its stories of how it rebuilt itself after the war will warm the coldest of hearts.
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Germany’s capital has come a long way since the war-time days.  A modern, vibrant city with things like the Sony Centre and Checkpoint Charlie to visit as well as bars, nightclubs and restaurants.
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