Packing, tidying and starting the countdown

Hi everyone
So after all the excitement of quitting my job and announcing the news on Facebook, I have also quit my flat.  Now on Monday, my landlord will come here to take photos to advertise it for the new rental in August.  Now there is a huge problem with that – MY FLAT IS A MESS!!!!!  I have boxes of stuff everywhere as I have already started to pack.  First of all you have to understand, I am selling 90% of everything I own so I am hoping that will all go by the end of July BUT I am keeping all my books, clothes and some personal items and they need to be packed.  So picture the scene…boxes with books in lounge, boxes with clothes in bedroom along with bags of clothes to give to charity, piles of things in the lounge (this is the “free to a good home” pile) and in the spare room there is an “Ebay” pile along with suitcases already packed.  I had better get tidying very soon or his photos might not look so good…
So today it is 93 days to go until I leave Germany.  I intend to move back to England as my base and travel from there.  The next 3 months will be a fantastic, crazy time; packing, organising, throwing out, meeting friends, training colleagues, etc etc.  Wow, the adventure has begun…
Today’s picture takes us to the Norfolk Broads in England.  The Broads are a massive network of waterways through the county of Norfolk and are known for their wonderful, peaceful boat trips.  You can hire long barges with 5 bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen on board and then spend your time slowing chugging down the river.  We did the trip over a long weekend with a huge group of people and we ended up having a girl boat and a boy boat.  We had such fun – we stopped at many pubs along the way for beer and food, we spent the evenings chatting, laughing and playing drinking games (well, those that could handle it played the games!) and most importantly before we set off, we ALL bought HUGE water pistols and continuously tried overtaking each other while firing copious amounts of water all over the place.  I also seem to remember a rather interesting food fight which ended with me having to wash egg yolk out of my hair…  Okay, so maybe our trip wasn’t exactly ‘peaceful’ :-) but it was a load of fun.
Right, I’m off now, take care, enjoy your evening, chat with you soon.
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