My Adventures in the Forest

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How many of you live in the city and how many of you live in the countryside?  I am lucky that just a short train journey lands me in a wonderful forest.  It is just outside the towns of Egelsbach and Langen which both lie just south of Frankfurt.  It contains a network of criss-crossing pathways both suitable for bikes and for walking/running.  Yesterday we walked a short route through the forest just before sunset.  It was incredibly magical.  The birds were tweeting away happily, you could hear a woodpecker hammering his way into the side of a tree nearby, a cuckoo was cuckoo’ing in the distance and the insects were out buzzing around like crazy things.  Besides you having to occasionally swat the insects away, it was incredibly peaceful.  
It had been a warm day and, when looking up, the sky was a brilliant blue and the Birch trees towered some 25 metres above us.  Sometimes it was just nice to stop and close your eyes to hear nature at its best and smell the wonderful earthy smell and fresh spring leaves all around you.  
We disturbed a rather large hare in the path who darted off to safety, we stopped many times to glance in the direction of some rustling bushes but the true highlight was seeing a large deer peering back at us from besides a tree stump.  We eyed each other for a few seconds before she went bounding back into the bush after which we heard a deer ‘barking’.  Probably her alerting her friends as to 2 strange creatures walking through the forest…

Today, we went back to the forest just before lunch.  Even though it was a different time, the forest still seemed a magical place to be.  I cycled while my friend ran and we didn’t see any animals this time and mostly had this beautiful place to ourselves to enjoy.  A wonderful, wonderful outing.  
While I appreciate living in a city, I am at-heart a nature girl and if I could have the opportunity to spend a whole night in the forest, I most definitely would.  Would you?

Night night
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