Mountains and Waterfalls

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Wow, Yosemite is absolutely beautiful. I ran out of adjectives after the first few hours. Nothing seemed to fit. It’s more than amazing, it’s more than beautiful, it’s more than stunning. The only word that came anywhere close was ‘breathtaking’.
On Saturday, we decided to hike up to Vernal falls to try escape the crazy Saturday crowds. It was absolutely packed in the valley floor. We got our little camera backpacks, one tripod to share, water and nibbles and headed off.
I wish I could explain to you the feeling of being here. The rivers are all at their fullest pumping water over huge grey boulders at a deathly speed. The air is so fresh and if you breathe in deeply,
…you get the wonderful aroma of pine needles. Pine trees pack the mountain sides so densely that you can hardly see a free space.
The route we took was quite strenuous but the views were so gorgeous, you didnt mind stopping to admire them. As we got closer to Vernal falls, there was so much water coming over the top that just the mist completely soaked us. Since we were already drenched in sweat (it was really hot), the mist was a blissful relief and cooled us down right away. The last ascent before arriving at the top was a narrow fenced ridge along a sheer rock face but once you conquered that, you were rewarded with a wonderful view of part of the Yosemite valley and its gigantic mountains which towered over you even though we had spent the last few hours climbing up!!
We stopped and after setting the tripod up, took some photos. Then we spotted a sign saying the next waterfall (Nevada Falls) was only 1.3 miles away and we thought, ‘Wow, that’s not so bad since we’ve already come this far. Let’s do it!’ Hmmmm. It ended up being seriously steep and we climbed (UP!!!!!) for a few more hours. The views got more and more breathtaking, the path got narrower and rockier but eventually we made it to the top for a well deserved rest. There was a viewing platform on one side where I took some pictures but wow, it was seriously high. Walking down was a challenge… Have you ever descended 580m with jelly legs??
It was tough yes, but it was incredible. The views were breathtaking and the mountains had enough wow-factor to last me a very long time. I absolutely love it here!!!
Here are some stats: Distance: 7 miles (11 km) round trip to Nevada Fall plus an extra 1.5 miles (2.4 km) to where the car was parked.
Elevation at trailhead: 4,000 feet (1,200 meters)
Elevation Gain: 1,000 feet (300 meters) to top of Vernal Fall; 1,900 feet (580 meters) to top of Nevada Fall
More soon about giant trees in Mariposa Grove.
Take care

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