Money and jumping off cliffs

So here I was missing the structure in my life and what happened? I seem to have got a job… Nothing fancy just a little admin job answering phones and doing some Internet stuff and only for 2 weeks.
It’s strange because I am not DESPERATE for money but it would certainly help to get a little here and there. The salary for this job is absolutely awful but I am not worried, just because I was earning a good salary in my last job didn’t guarantee I was happy so salary is not a good indicator of job satisfaction. Maybe if I had learnt that lesson sooner, I might have left sooner, but anyway…
I am actually looking forward to this little job because it means I meet new people, learn some new bits and pieces and no matter how small, I always believe we should be learning new things. Who knows where this might lead…
I have also been writing a lot and have been in contact with various magazine editors. I took a chance with one and offered him a story about myself trying to overcome my fear of bungee jumps/swings by going to a wonderful nature reserve called ‘Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve’ and….wait for it….doing the bungee swing from 100m cliff. Sigh…I must be mad. Anyway, the editor came back and said that normally they didn’t commission freelance writers but my idea sounded good and I should go ahead and write it and he would look at it. This is great news as I would get some genuine feedback. Cool bananas :-)
I am off to spend a couple of days in Durban north from Sunday relaxing on a beautiful wooden decking overlooking a sparkling blue swimming pool and listening to the amazing birdlife. I am sooooo looking forward to it, you wouldn’t believe it. It is the home of my oldest friend, Angelique who kindly offered to let me stay, bless her little cotton socks. Tell you all about it soon.
Gosh, it’s one month to Christmas, have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
Chat with you soon x

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