I quit – The news is finally announced

Hi everyone
So after more then 2 weeks of waiting, I can now finally and officially announce the news that I have quit my job and intend to go travelling around the world, on my Facebook and my Twitter.  All the necessary people have been told and at last I can stop worrying about who knows and who has yet to find out.  I finish at the end of July.  I intend to travel to Ireland in August, Scotland in September and then South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia in Nov, Dec and Jan.  But before all that excitement happens, I have a 2 week trip in June visiting San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Las Vegas.  Will keep you posted on that one…
Slightly off topic, I saw the funniest thing this morning, a man shaving his face while cycling his bike.  He was so funny to watch, he would shave and then bang his razor on the handle bars to get rid of the hair and then continue shaving.  Well, I guess he was saving time :-)
Any guesses where this was taken? Yes, its taken from the highest point on the London Eye.  The views up there are incredible and on a clear day you really feel as if you can see the whole of London.  Buying tickets are a challenge and I would seriously suggest buying them in advance because standing in the queue can be a challenge to say the least. They have many different ticket options to suit, including fast track tickets, family tickets and of course, the good old standard ticket.  They also have different opening hours different parts of the year so make sure you check this beforehand.  They only allow a certain number of people so it doesn’t get too crowded in the capsules and everyone gets an opportunity to see as much as possible.  The ride lasts for approximately 30 minutes and you come away with some fairly impressive photos of a fairly impressive city.
That’s all for now, take care
PS  Vegan is NOT going well!!
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  1. Brenda says:

    Cool Itinerary!! But I don't see any stops here in the midwest…..
    Yosemite is one of my favorite places in all the world. IT is GORGEOUS!! Just one thing- It gets really busy in the summer- do you have reservations???

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