Having too much and having nothing

Hi everyone
So my first true open day went okay.  Not quite as good as I was hoping but not bad.  If nothing else, I had some nice people pop in for a visit and some nibbles…
There are still some big pieces of furniture waiting to be sold to a new home and some of the smaller pieces went today.  When it was all over, I looked around and thought, “Oh my goodness, there is still SO much stuff here, how on EARTH am I going to get rid of it all!”.
 Then I went through a stage of feeling sorry for myself …  poor me, look at all these things that I have to work so hard to get rid of to help me travel around the world…. Then I had a skype call with my best friend in England (the one who wrote the vampire book, Enigma).  She went on to tell me about a family of 4 who were asylum seekers in England and who had FINALLY been allowed to stay and had been given a ‘council’ house.  When they were offered help to move into their new house, they explained no help was necessary, all they had was a bed, a chair and a toaster!  Thud! (sound of me falling on the floor!)  So here I am, being all upset because I have a flat FULL of furniture, linen and stuff that I can’t get rid of and here is a family of 3 who own less than 5 things.  Colleen, put it into perspective girl!  You have resigned from your job to travel around the world, you are one damn lucky chick so stick a geranium in your hat and be happy!
Today’s travel photo was taken on a beautiful walk in the Peak District in England.  The town where we started the walk is called Edale and is also known to be the start (or sometimes the southern end) of the Pennine Way, a national walking trail in England.  It runs 429km from Edale in the Peak District through the Yorkshire Dales and ends just inside the Scottish border.  Courtesy of Wikipedia, here are some interesting facts: A survey by the National Trails agency reported that a walker covering the entire length of the trail is obliged to navigate 287 gates, 249 timber stiles, 183 stone stiles and 204 bridges. 319 kilometres (198 mi) of the route is on public footpaths, 112 kilometres (70 mi) on public bridleways and 32 kilometres (20 mi) on other public highways. The walker is aided by the provision of 458 waymarks
Sadly I cannot say I have completed the whole path, just a short circular route around Edale which provides beautiful views of the valleys below.
Right, I am off to bed, enjoy what is left of the weekend, chat with you soon. 67 days to go (17 days to my US trip!)
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  1. brenda says:

    A bit of perspective is always a good thing.

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