Gloucester Cathedral, Outdoor Shops and Massages

Hi everyone

Well yesterday was another great day.  After a rather slow start, we pootled over to the impressive Gloucester Cathedral for some picture taking.  After paying our 6€ donation (photographers and videographers are encouraged to pay this), we started hunting for good piccie spots.  Mark spotted something quite soon and I walked around trying to ‘get inspiration’.  Photography is a funny thing, you could be in the most beautiful place and end up taking plenty of ‘holiday’ snaps, but the more serious photographic compositions just don’t happen for you.  Of course, you could go back the next day and be overwhelmed with inspiration, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.  Never mind, it was still beautiful to walk around and admire the beautiful ceiling, the various statues, the grave of Edward II (well, as much as you can admire a grave). 

I like the rows of seats as I am always drawn to patterns and lines but still the inspiration didn’t come.  It did come however, when we headed out of the main cathedral area into the cloisters. Wow!  Narrow corridoors with beautiful stained glass windows with light streaming through lighting the gorgeous stonework on the opposite wall. It was stunning.  But we needed to head outside first in order to catch the sky because we wanted to play with some long exposure shots.  So outside, we set up our tripods, aimed the lenses up, composed our shots, whacked on an ND filter and waited for some nice clouds.  For those of you who don’t live for photography, an ND filter put simply is just a really dark lens.  It allows you to take a longer exposure (allowing light inside the camera for a longer time) without over-exposing the shot.  So… get a nice effect of moving (blurry) clouds without having a completely white picture because of over-exposure!  We’ll see once I upload to flickr whether they have come out okay.  I then spent some time inside in the cloisters taking more shots trying to avoid a group of Japanese tourists and their flashes (which tend to ruin your long exposures!)

After a drink and snack, we headed to a craft shop and then to a great warehouse outdoor shop.  I love outdoor shops with their great selection of clothes and jackets for different climates, tents, little cups, stoves and other various cooking bits and pieces for camping, dehydrated food, books, etc etc.  I just love it!  I tried desperately to overcome my normal reaction of being confronted with so much choice (I go into shutdown!) and narrowed myself down to just buying 2 shirts. I really should make a list of things I need before going into a shop like that.
Last but not least,  I had a well-deserved back massage before relaxing in a hot jacuzzi, doing a bit of swimming and dissolving my worries in a steam room.  I honestly should do that more often and if I do, I am convinced that stress won’t have a hope of affecting me at all.  I have a Thai massage place just on the corner of my road which I now intend to try out.  I could hardly walk when we left but it was great :-)

Luckily, I had just enough energy to enjoy a wonderful Chinese buffet.  I was so tired, I only managed three trips to the buffet table :-)  Ribs, chicken satay, crispy seaweed, thai lemon chicken, sticky sweet & sour chicken, mushrooms, chilli green beans, rice, beef in black pepper sauce, crispy duck pancakes and finally a small taste of Mark’s red curry.  YUM!!!!
All in all, a great day and today I am preparing to head back to Frankfurt.
Chat with you soon.
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