Foods of Hungary

The food in Hungary is hearty and delicious.  It is often very fatty so not good if you are watching your weight but you will never go hungry in Hungary.

They cook a lot with paprika powder and there is a special technique to cooking with it.  Generous spoonfuls are added to many dishes and it creates a warm red colour to a lot of the meals.

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  1. Harry Shukla says:

    I came to know about you and your blog from Christophe Van Schalkwyk who is a good friend of mine + built my website. Wonderful blog and will spend some time reading about your exploration. I love to explore (and cook) food from all over the globe, My blog is “cookwithharry” ….more soon.

    • admin says:

      Hi Harry
      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I’m enjoying Thailand at the moment – the food here is delicious!! Have you been to Thailand?

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