Food from around the World

I love food.  I’ve always loved food and I’ve managed to last 40 years loving food before my waistline started complaining.  So now, I still love food, but I just eat less (well, sometimes…)

I am always amazed at how the same ingredients are mixed in different quantities, cooked in different ways and served in different countries.  Whenever I travel, I always do my best to sample the local cuisine.  I have eaten a variety of things including fried grasshoppers, chicken feet, pigs blood, pig’s intestine, dried raw meat, chicken tendons, fried wood grubs, raw minced fillet of beef, sheep stomach, ox tongue, pig feet, frog’s legs, rabbit, crocodile, gnu, springbok, orynx, ostrich and buffalo.

This section shares the tasty, weird and wonderful foods I have come across on my travels. This is a new section on my blog so make sure you keep checking back to see what new foods I have tried.








South Africa




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  1. JG says:

    Hi Colleen! Your choice of milk, especially chocolate milk, shows your good taste: Oberweis is some of the best around…and it’s not coincidental that it’s still one of the few that are still bottled in glass bottles! I’m guessing you were hanging out in the Greater Chicagoland area, where they have a bottling facility and wide customer base? Try their ice cream shop on Roosevelt Road in Oak Brook, next time you go back, if missed. JG

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