Flea Market craziness…

Hi everyone
Whew!  What a crazy weekend!!! Saturday I got new glasses and contact lenses (all part of getting everything done before I started travelling).  After lunch, it was packing boxes and getting ready for
the flea market in the evening.  I took 3 boxes and some bags of stuff, shoes, a shopping trolley and some other bits and pieces.  We had packed sandwiches envisaging a relaxing evening consisting of some sales banter, some chatting and finally getting rid of everything.  I couldn’t have been more wrong… No sooner had we arrived, parked the car and opened the boot, a mob of crazy buyers descended on us and were already opening the boxes and looking through things before they were even out the car.  Poor Anja was putting up the table while I was surrounded by at least 1 000 000 people (yeah, okay, it FELT like it but was probably only about 6) all trying to see what was in the boxes, ask me how much this and that was and even asking if they got something for free if they bought more than 2 things!  It was really hard to keep track of not only who I was dealing with, but also what prices I had quoted because it became VERY clear that at this flea market, I was not going to get over 5 euros for anything!  The madness continued and eventually after 20:30 (we arrived at 17:15), we had some breathing space and managed to eat a sandwich and reflect on what we had sold.

No, you can’t have that for free!!

It was a huge education, let me tell you!  People REALLY tried their luck and Anja and I even admitted that it was impossible to keep an eye on the table the whole time and that probably stuff had ‘disappeared’.  But hey, I made a little bit of money to go towards my travel fund and now I have less stuff to get rid of when I leave Germany and THAT was the whole point of the day.
Take care, chat with you soon.

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