Ferraris and finding a temporary cure for my stress

Hi everyone
Wow, what an incredible day it was yesterday (Friday), filled with even more firsts… I was lucky enough to get a ride in a red Ferrari!!!

It belongs to a friend of my brother’s. He bought it on one side of America and together the 2 of them drove it across to the other. You can just picture the scene, can’t you. Two guys riding across America in a Ferrari :-)
Anyway my ride was great. After climbing in (or should I say climbing down because it sits really LOW to the ground), we head off. The sound was incredible and there is something special about driving around with no roof, wind blowing through your hair, sun shining on your face….aaahhhhh, love it!! Thanks Mark, it was brilliant!!
So you might think the Ferrari ride was a cure for my stress but it wasn’t. Yoga? Pilates? Think again… My temporary cure came in the shape of a baseball ball. Nope, I’m not joking. The same Ferrari owner runs a kids baseball coaching school and we went for a tour around the facility. (Check it out ‘On Deck Sports Academy) We were lucky enough to get a quick lesson on throwing a baseball (which is quite hard since it flies at you in a straight line rather than bouncing like it does in cricket). Then we were shown the machines that throw the balls at you and THAT is when it all happened. The first ‘CRACK’ sound as the surprisingly hard ball made contact with my bat left me buzzing. ‘
I hit it!’ I screamed.
But then I was hooked… I spent the next 10 minutes, with Mark’s help, making sure my knuckles were lined up near bottom of the handle on the bat and that my hips twisted at the right moment allowing me to put more power into my hit. The more I played, the more I imagined various colleagues and processes names on the balls. WHACK to that person, WHACK to that process. I felt great afterwards 😀
After a truly exciting day, we left and made our way to our hotel outside Yosemite.
Chat with you soon.

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3 Responses to Ferraris and finding a temporary cure for my stress

  1. Anja says:

    I so can imagine you and the bat hitting the baseballs imaging people. We should have bought you the dart disc 😉

  2. Sabine says:

    Ha ha ha, I can picture it too!! WHACK!!! :o) Love you loads, carry on having fun xxx

  3. Kingfisher says:

    OK, I'm a long way behind the times … I'm struggling to imagine Mark in a priests costume and black face paint (aka Sammy Davis Junior) .. though I'm going to keep trying ….

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