Enjoying dry raw meat in South Africa

If you’ve not heard of it, one of the main South African specialties is a dried raw meat called Biltong. Before I even start, it is NOTHING at all like the American jerky. Nothing!!!

Biltong is made from medium cuts of meat (not always the fillet but not the cheap stewing cuts either). It is spiced with peppercorns and salt and kept in a special drier until the meat has lost almost all it’s moisture. Different people eat it different ways, I prefer it slightly more moist (but then I also eat my steak medium rare so that figures) but my mum, for instance, likes it really dry.

It makes for a tasty, high-protein snack and can be bought at almost any supermarket. While it tastes okay bought from the supermarkets in their little bags, it’s MUCH better bought from specialty biltong shops where huge trays of the sliced meat are laid out in front of you. You pay by weight and can choose from beef and buck, such as springbok or kudu and sometimes even ostrich. You can have plain biltong, periperi (spicy paprika), garlic and a normal salt and pepper mix.

Click here to see a picture of some biltong which I actually bought in England but it’s made the authentic way http://flic.kr/p/aaw41K

I’ll see if I can get more photos of this delicious treat for you.

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