Echoing flats and paintbrushes

Hi everyone
Well, back from holiday and very soon everything has to return to normal and for me that means the quest to sell everything in my flat.  I need to make sure that absolutely everything (well 99,9%) is gone by the weekend of the 23/24 July because that is when the majority of the painting will be done.
The bedroom wardrobe was…

…sold on eBay and collected while I was in the US, (thanks to my good friend Anja and her husband Danilo for organising that in my absence), the sofas were also sold on eBay and are patiently waiting collection, dining room table and 4 chairs were collected last week and sofa bed is due for collection soon.  The only thing I wasn’t able to sell here was my bed because it is a British size and none of the German mattresses will fit.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some…

Even after throwing out, I am still
keeping books, crockery, accounts,
african glass ornaments, etc.
Note world map in the background :-)
I have started clearing out and cleaning the kitchen cupboards.  I have to try and eat all the food left in the grocery cupboard (which isn’t a HUGE amount) but it certainly makes for some interesting food combinations.  Tonight I had left over schnitzel with curried lentils….  Well, you can’t say it wasn’t interesting :-)
I have managed to merge all my toiletries so that I am left with the minimum number of bottles.  I had 100’s of them!!! Amongst others, 4 hair conditioners, 3 body lotions, 12 different hair products, the list goes on.  Now, I have just one of each and have even managed to finish off some bottles.  In a strange way, I am starting to enjoy the clear out, the new space, the lack of clutter and the feeling of freedom which comes with it.  It’s great!
Today I bought masking tape and a small paintbrush so that I can start preparing the walls for the big paint job.  I also organised a farewell party for the team of people I work with and have kind of organised a goodbye dinner with my 2 closest friends here in Germany.  So it is all coming together slowly…
I thought I would be sad getting rid of my things but it has actually shown me that I hoard a lot of junk and that it is really possible to live with a lot less.  The effort has all been worth that lesson so let it continue…
Take care
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