Cycling Durban’s beachfront path

Wow, as I am writing this, I have to be careful what I am leaning against as I managed to get a BIT sunburnt yesterday. My poor back hasn’t seen sun like that in a while but….I loved it.
Yesterday a friend and I hired bikes and cycled from the beautiful Moses Mabhida stadium (built especially for the football World Cup in 2010), all the way down to uShaka Marine world and back again.

We passed numerous watering holes such as ‘Circus-Circus’ and Joe Cools serving light lunches and drinks under umbrellas to protect from the hot African sun.
We passed LOADS of kids playing in the beachfront pools all laughing and splashing and excited about their holidays and what Father Christmas might be bringing them.
We passed runners and walkers exercising their dogs, parents walking with their prams.
We passed loads of people on the beach sand absorbing hot sunny rays and swimming in the sea.
We saw people walking up and down selling ice cream ringing their bell to attract people’s attention.
We saw ricksha riders in their colourful traditional dress giving people rides.
We saw police on horseback and walking around, keeping an eye on everyone and making sure that no-one suffered any theft before Christmas.
We saw dolphin shows being announced at uShaka Marine World and families picnicking on the grounds.
We saw the beautiful hot Africa sun.
We remembered to use sun block…on our backs and ended up with sunburnt knees. :-)

It was a fantastic few hours. The bike hire cost just R40/£3/€3.66/$4.77 an hour but they require a photographic form of ID (plus R100/£7,69/€9,15/$11,92 deposit),which they KEEP for the hour. They’re quite strict so make sure you return in the hour.
Day hire rates are available at R200/£15,37/€18,31/$23,84.

We are hoping to go back soon and do the Adventure Walk over the stadium’s arch but that will have to wait until next year :)

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