CN Tower, Toronto – Interesting Facts

When you visit Toronto, it’s an absolute given that you visit the CN Tower. It’s hard to miss as part of the skyline and offers 360 degree views of Toronto and the surrounding countryside.

Rather than write a load of text describing the scary lift ride to the top, the incredible views, the costs and what you can see, I thought I would offer a load of interesting facts and some pictures of the view from the top (and the bottom).

WARNING: You might not like these photos if you don’t like heights!!!!!!

* The CN Tower weighs 130,000 tons which is 35x the weight of the Eiffel Tower or 23,214 elephants
* It is the world’s tallest lightning rod. It is perfectly safe to be in the tower when it is hit by lightning, which happens about 75x a year. Copper strips run down the tower to grounding rods buried deep below ground level and they deliver the lightning safely to the ground without hurting man or mouse. (well, maybe mouse, I’m not sure…)
* It took 1537 workers 40 months to complete the tower.

The view of Billy Bishop airport in Toronto as viewed from the CN Tower.

* The lift travels at 20km/hr and takes 58 LONG seconds to get to the observation level. 58 seconds is a very long time when you can see through the glass of the lift floor underneath as well as through the lift walls across the city.
* It has two observation levels; a lower one indoors with glass floor section and another level, 4m higher which is outdoors but ‘protected’ as seen in the next picture

Toronto as viewed from the CN Tower.

* It is 113 stories high to the glass floor in the indoor observation level.
* It held the record for 34 years from 1974 – 2010, for being the worlds tallest tower.
* It is currently the world’s highest wine cellar (there is a rather expensive restaurant on the lower observation level)

Looking south west out of Toronto, with beautiful Lake Ontario as viewed from the CN Tower.

* It is 6489km from Berlin and 5728km from London
* In the indoor observation level, there is a glass floor that you can walk over if you dare. You can watch a YouTube video here

A picture taken of my feet standing on the glass floor inside the CN Tower.

* The glass floor can hold the weight of 14 large hippos (I wonder how they measured that 😉
* The elevators have a patch of glass on the floor and you can see 346m straight down.
* In construction, they used enough concrete to build a sidewalk 231km long!
* The top of the tower is 625.09m above sea level.
* Between the top of the antenna on the very top and the ground floor, the temperature can differ by up to 10C.
* The centre column of the tower is actually hollow and was used for the world’s tallest successful egg drop (no, I’m not sure why either!)
* Various price packages exist but just for the observation levels, I paid C$27.11.
* If you’re feeling particularly crazy, you can join other skywalkers and get harnessed up and HANG off the top edge of the observation level with nothing but a rope between you and certain death. Note the absence of photos of this activity.


A photo of me safely back on the ground after my visit to the CN Tower.

One can easily spend half a day here. I took a packed sandwich and ate it outside on the ‘enclosed’ level (which was quite a mission because it is SERIOUSLY windy there). There are coin-operated binoculars to appreciate more of the view.

A truly fantastic spot and well worth the money. I was lucky to have a sunny day when I visited and I imagine the views could be pretty crappy in horrible weather.

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