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Hi everyone
Hope you’re all having a good week so far.  I am so chuffed, my blog hit over 2000 views today and since I only started it in Feb, I am really, really pleased.  My biggest viewings come from Germany, followed by UK, then USA and then South Africa.  I have had some new countries viewing this week such as France, Brazil, Portugal and Russia.  It is really cool knowing that I have such a widespread audience – a big thank you to all of you.
So as I am sure you all know, I have started selling the contents of my flat in order to prepare for my big trip.  I spent last weekend taking photos of many, many things, put them all in a word document with a brief description and a price and then just sent it to everyone I know here in Germany.  Surprisingly, this had the desired effect and I have managed to sell quite a lot over the last 2 days.  My coffee table was sold tonight so now there is a big gaping hole in my lounge, but hey, that was the plan all along…
So, making lists…  How do you start planning a world trip?  Do you make a list of all the countries in each continent?  Do you make a list of cheap destinations? Do you make a list of activities you would like to do?  A list of national parks?  A list of UNESCO sites?  A list of capital cities?  A list of all places beginning with B? A list of all places that have castles?  Where do you even start to plan a trip this big?  I went through the UNESCO World Heritage site list today and discovered I have seen 21 sites which seems really good until you read that there are 911 in total!!!!!  Seems like I have a way to go yet…
So, on the theme of UNESCO World Heritage sites, here is today’s travel photo – the beautiful city of Florence in Italy.  I had already been to Rome which is GRAND on a GRAND scale but Florence has a shier, quieter and more quaint side to her.  She has a soft charm which warms you and encourages you take your time walking around exploring.  She silently wins you over until you are left with a need to return, even if it is just for the ice-cream.  Rome grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you roughly shouting “Oh my God, look at all the amazing things I have to show you!”.  Both are great but both very different…
Enjoy your evening.
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  1. Brenda says:

    Hey Colleen,
    Glad You're making progress. How you get to different places depends on how you are going to go about it… Do you plan to do one long continuous trip- in which case look for round the world fares than include places that interest you. That is what we did, and then visited places within those countries. We found great deals to be had traveling from London, and basically the world was your oyster- so long as you keep traveling in one direction…

    If you plan to do trips from a base, well then, unless you won the lottery, I think you look according to price and interest.Good luck!!


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