Are you doing what makes you happy

I was going through some old blog posts yesterday and came across one where I had dinner with a friend and we had a really interesting conversation. Are we doing what makes us happy?

Yes, it sounds easy but at the same time it’s difficult. Sometimes we think we need more time and sometimes we think we need more money. It’s always a case of ‘I’ll be happy when I get this…’ or ‘I’ll be happy when I do this…’ but the reality is, we never get around to doing it.
Or the worst is doing thing that we think we’re expected to do but not what we really want to do. Here is an extract of the blog post:
‘We had a fantastic evening and the topic of conversation kept heading back to how to live your life the way YOU want to live it and not the way “society” wants you to live it. You know the story, you get engaged and immediately people will ask “When are you getting married?”, you get married and immediately people will ask “When are you having children?”. There always seems to be the “right” thing to do at any given point. Get a job, buy a car, get married, have kids, go on your holidays each year, etc etc.
Well, what happens if you don’t want to own a car and prefer travelling by bike, what happens if you want to live with your partner and NOT get married, what happens if you don’t want kids, what happens if you want to leave your job and spend your time travelling around the world seeing all the wonderful things it has to offer? “Society” will frown on you, tell you it’s too risky, tell you “That’s not the way it should be done”.
So my question to you all is, are you really doing what is making you happy or are you doing it because that is what is expected of you? Will you be on your death bed at some point in the future and be happy with the choices you made or will you be thinking “I wish I had done things differently”. I know what I will be thinking… :-)’
Here is the link to the blog post if you’d like to read it:

Are you doing what makes you happy?

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6 Responses to Are you doing what makes you happy

  1. brenda says:

    I AM happy- there are some things I would be doing if time money and obligations were no object- but there is time for that later.That's what dreams are for. Don't read that I feel OBLIGED to take care of my family- Right now, They need me- and I need them!! Right now, Family makes me happy, and Raising two fine young men is my priority. Every stage in life has its rewards and challenges- bringing you to the NEXt stage. Go COL- MAKE yourself happy!

  2. Colleen Setchell says:

    Thanks Brenda. Completely understand where you're coming from. People choose different paths that don't satisfy them. I'm thinking of those who got married out of obligation, had kids by accident, got a job in a firm because parents said it was the right thing to do, etc etc.
    I think it's sad…
    But then there are people like you who found their 'perfect' man early, have 2 beautiful boys and live and love their life. I think it's wonderful :-)

    Thanks for commenting…

  3. Brenda says:

    THanks! The important part was- You have the power to MAKE yourself happy!


  4. Colleen Setchell says:

    Absa-bloody-lutely :-)

  5. Monica | The Travel Hack says:

    Great post. I so often think 'I'll be happy when this is done or when I have this or when I've been here…' but if you live your life like this, you'll always be wanting something else to make you happy. It's best to concentrate on things that make you happy right now, not in the future.

    Great blog btw Colleen, I'm really glad I've found it :)

  6. Colleen Setchell says:

    Wow, thanks Monica :-)

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