12 Days to go…

Hi everyone
Wow, that was a HARD weekend but also REALLY productive.  Being my 2nd to last weekend in Germany, I knew that a lot had to be done so I started quite early yesterday.  With the amazing help from my neighbours, we managed to finish painting the living room, kitchen, bathroom and half of the bedroom.  I now just have half the bedroom and the spare room to paint and I am done.  I haven’t been able to start in the spare room because that is where all the boxes have been living as I pack them.
Because I live on the 4th floor with no lift, my neighbours have offered to have the boxes in their dining room (they are on the ground floor) so that when my brother arrives in the van, we only have to carry them out from the ground floor rather than go up 89 stairs collecting one box at a time.

8 Boxes that I have packed and sealed have been taken down today which clears the spare room ready for painting during this week.
I have cleaned, scrubbed, wiped and polished.  I have wrapped, packed, sealed and reorganised. I have climbed, stretched, bent down and leant over and now……..I am absolutely shattered.
Now is the first time all weekend that I have actually ‘stopped’.  My back wants to know what I have done to offend it, my legs have simply given up and don’t work any more and my arms have the strength of a pea.

In times like this it is important to keep focussed on WHY I am doing this.  Because I am selling as much as possible and storing the rest before I start the adventure of my life and go travelling around the world.  It’s not about what I have sold or not sold (well, except for the 2 sofas but don’t even get me started on that!), its not about what I am ending up throwing away, what I have given away, how much money I have made (well, to a certain extent it matters, yes), the only thing that matters is that I stay true to myself and why I am doing this.  And when I head out to my first destination, all this hard work will be forgotten and I will be smiling to myself knowing I have made absolutely the right decision.

12 days to go, 8 working days :-)

Chat with you soon.

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  1. Pigshed says:

    Cor, not long now ! .. Poor Mark though, he was so looking forward to 89 steps 200 times – now he'll have to cancel his August entry to "Buff Buttocks 2011" !

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